About Us

Who are we?

We are a group of ordinary people who believe the Bible and have experienced how God can transform people’s lives.
Our church logo is not just a combination of the initials that make up our name but illustrates our identity:
Sharing the message of the cross—the message that Jesus Christ took the punishment for the sins of all those who trust in Him— is central to all that we do
We seek to be a community of people who have a heart for God, who have a desire to know more of Him, and to serve Him and find satisfaction and contentment in Him so we meet together regularly to worship God, to study the Bible and learn more about Him.
We also seek to be a community with a heart for people, to share with others, in our community and elsewhere, the good news that God can transform their lives also.
Our church is evangelical and focused on the family worshipping together in a relaxed, yet God glorifying way.

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